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The new ROMA Birth Wheel has been in use in hospitals and clinics in Switzerland for many years. More and more Birth Wheels have also been in frequent use in Europe, Japan and other Esian countries. "Invented" by the Basel artist Paul Degen and manufactured by ROMA Birth AG of Liestal near Basel, the ROMA Birth Wheel was awarded Basel's prestigious Innovations Prize ("Innovationspreis beider Basel") in 1992.

Doctors and midwives in several hundred clinics and hospitals - and the mothers they serve - have been so enthusiastic about the new upright delivery position that the ROMA Birth Wheel has become an established feature in their delivery rooms.

It would be totally wrong to claim that the designers of the ROMA Birth Wheel have invented a new way of giving birth. In fact, the upright position is the normal form of delivery in most parts of the world, with mothers adopting a sitting, crouching, kneeling or suspended position. Because the ROMA Birth Wheel permits a great deal of movement, the mother is free to adopt any position she chooses.

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