Delivery with Dignity - Using the Upright Position

In contrast to lying on one's back, the upright position during delivery has countless physiological, psychological and emotional advantages. By using gravity, it reinforces the dynamics inherent in contractions.

We know that the upright delivery position not only improves breathing, but also benefits blood circulation to the uterus and placenta. In addition, it encourages coordination of the muscles involved in childbirth and relaxation of the musculature of the pelvic floor.

When the upright position is adopted, the mother's feet are on the ground - both literally and metaphorically. This encourages dilation of the cervix and the descent of the baby into the pelvis, accelerating delivery to the benefit of both mother and child.

An added bonus is that the mother/baby relationship is more intense at the moment of delivery since the mother sees and consciously experiences the birth of her baby.

In short: compared to the conventional recumbent position, the ROMA Birth Wheel helps the mother to enjoy a dignified birth experience.

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