Origin of the Roma Birth Wheel

The idea of the ROMA Birth Wheel owes nothing to medical or obstetrical research. Instead, it is the brainchild of a man hospitalised for back surgery.

The Basel artist Paul Degen - the "inventor" of the ROMA Birth Wheel - was paralysed for many weeks because of a slipped disc. While in hospital, he suffered from chronic constipation and the helplessness that comes from being forced to lie on his back. All he wanted was to be able to get upright and cling onto something. Surely, he thought, a mother in labour would feel the same? This idea began to obsess him.

He was still bedridden when he produced initial drawings that combined his experiences and reflections with his artistic talents. Intensive development over the next six years led to the first ROMA Birth Wheel.

Study of the literature confirmed that Paul Degen was right:

His idea had, in fact, been practised for centuries in every culture, but somehow became lost in our modern world. The ROMA Birth Wheel helps the independent woman in our culture to return to the upright, natural position for delivery.

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