Unedited quotations from spontaneous comments

"I found it very comfortable to give birth on the ROMA Birth Wheel compared to my first delivery bed. It helped me to rock my body a little to relieve the pains. It feels as if one were floating because the body is lighter."

"The back is very well supported. One can determine the counter pressure oneself and needs no additional support. I would give birth on the ROMA Birth Wheel again".

"One can choose when one wants to stand, sit or just let go and relax. I had my fourth baby on the ROMA Birth Wheel and I must say it was the best delivery of all. Many thanks; giving birth is becoming an increasingly beautiful experience".

"One can get a really good grip on the ROMA Birth Wheel. Pushing is easier because of the baby's downward pressure."

"The ROMA Birth Wheel helps the mother to hold on in different ways and for the partner to hold her too. The upright position enables her to watch the baby being born- My delivery on the ROMA Birth Wheel was a wonderful experience".

The best part of the ROMA Birth Wheel was of course being upright at the actual moment of delivery. I was able to concentrate all my energy downwards. All in all, the birth of my second child was an impressive experience".

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